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Rosenblatt, A.E. & Johnson, A. (in press) An experimental test of crocodilian stick-displaying behavior. Ethology Ecology and Evolution.

Rosenblatt, A.E., Wyatt, K.S., & Schmitz, O.J. (2019) Will like replace like? Linking thermal performance to ecological function across predator and herbivore populations. Ecology 100:e02643.

Adam E. Rosenblatt

I'm an ecologist interested in how the three P's (predators, prey, and plants) interact with each other. Much of my current research focuses on how climate change might be altering these interactions, and how such alterations can affect food webs, ecosystems, and people.

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Nov. 2019: Smart Cities Dive, First Coast Connect, and One Green Planet articles about the need for Jacksonville to develop a Climate Action Plan

Oct. 2019: WJCT article and radio story about the need for Jacksonville to develop a Climate Action Plan

Oct. 2019: Orlando Sentinel article about alligator hunting in Florida

Aug. 2019: Tampa Bay Times article about alligator bites in Florida

May 2019: NTD article about alligators on an Air Force base

Jan. 2019: Washington Post article about how alligators survive freezing temperatures

Nov. 2018: WJCT story about a climate change event at the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art

Sep. 2018: First Coast News story about blue button jellyfish washing up on Jacksonville beaches

Aug. 2018: More coverage of alligator egg research on CBS News, Action News Jax, First Coast News, The Florida Times-Union, WJXT, and the Jacksonville Library's Completely Booked podcast

Jul. 2018: RootsRated article about staying safe around wildlife (including alligators)

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